The Endless Circle 2




music: Lai Mengqi

In this project, I was observing the "Second-Generation migrant workers" as a "Second- Generation Shenzhen residents", and I was full of imagination and curiosity about the life of people in the factories outside the urban area. Especially when I saw Foxconn news, or the legendary life of Sanhe gods [1], or the stories of it men who left Shenzhen in mid-life helplessly, these were far away from me. More often, I talked to various people in other places and mentioned that I came from Shenzhen. They always familiarly said, "Oh Shenzhen, I have been there for 2 or 3 years!"


I was born in Luohu, an old district. My family did not move to Yantian until my university was studying abroad. But Yantian is the closest to the feeling of Shenzhen in the 1990s. Last week, I took a telephoto lens at the Yantian District Government Bus Station. In the early morning in winter, the leaves fell slightly. The workers quickly walked on the bridge. The ordinary moment reminded me of Shenzhen when I was young Not a first-tier city, not so much anxiety.


Today's migrant workers are basically younger generations of 90s and 95s, and many are left-behind children. Their parents left them when they were children and left their homes to find money. Today their children have grown up and still work in different places. Become the second generation of migrant workers. Will their children be migrant workers in the future? This is unknown. Enterprises are now turning to smart manufacturing. Fewer and fewer workers are needed. Where will they go?


With the rapid development of society, factories in Shenzhen will become fewer and fewer, and this moment will no longer exist. So I cherish this moment more and more, the encounter between the jewelry factory and Yantian, the encounter between me and the workers, the Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone and the encounter in the winter of 2019. These people who had been with me all night long but I didn't know, and their children, met at this moment.


I bought a unicorn stand with a height of 1.8 meters before the filming, but it never rose to that height when shooting. It was actually the height of the waist. Change the angle and look up to see how they look. In the design of the exhibition hall, the two doors of the space were transformed into two passages, from a normal 2-meter-high door through a short passage to a door of only 1.4 meters, like a rising passage. The space is like a grinder commonly found in a huge jewelry factory. The two channels are actually the way for the workers' two hands to penetrate into the working machine. Just like Alice drank the magic potion, she got smaller, got into the mini-door, and began a fantasy journey. The viewer passes through the narrow door and enters the interior of the factory machine, facing the strange and familiar face.

When attitude becomes form, we dance in the micro theater.



[1] The “Sanhe gods” are a group of migrant workers who linger around the Longhua district of the city Shenzhen. They are unwilling to work in factories, and have cut family ties. Some have even sold their own ID cards. What they really want is to sit away their days in an internet café. They have become China’s “New Loafer Class.”























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