Haussmann in the Tropics






music: Lai Mengqi


Eszter's uncle and aunt lived in a luxurious residential area far from the city. Eszter comes to their home on vacation. As a new comer, she felt so excited. But she was soon bored by the boredom and depression of the boring life here, day after day, looking out the window at the same beauty. She met a deserted villa, and the owner quickly withdrew from the house after bankruptcy. On the top floor of the villa there was a large and exquisite room for the Buddha, and for a long time no one came. They are also very confused what exactly is life here……


The story revolves around the city's luxury mansion near the sea. It is a glimpse of a specific class in China, a microcosm of the real environment, a developing city section...... Nowadays young people can hardly afford to buy a house except for their parents' ability. At the same time, there are a large number of "scarce" luxury vacant. The architecture itself does not decay. When weeds become the most active organisms in the vacant rooms, how does the unequal environment of human existence affect human beings?










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