1/500 seconds in the seven thousand years




lacquer, ramie, film, rice paper


In the Qi Yuan, there is a huge stone wall on the road between the studio and the residence. During the round trip, the blue, white, yellow sable moss and round small vines stop to stare, like a trip on a different planet. I used a 1/500 shutter to take a "decisive moment" on the surface of the boulder, and at the same time made a lacquer plate in the same place. The time of the paint can be traced back to the red paint bowl of Yuyao Hemudu 7,000 years ago. That is to say, a lacquerware can survive for seven thousand years or more. A stone wall lacquer ware, perhaps longer than our life expectancy and even human survival, compared to which digital image stored in electronic documents will last longer? I put a photo of the surface of the boulder on a large lacquered wall, a photo and a lacquer, the moment and eternity between 1/500th of a second and seven thousand years.




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