Tan Lijie was born in Shenzhen in 1991. She studied in The Inter Media College in The China Academy of Art's from 2010 to 2017 and received her Master of Fine Arts degree in 2017. In 2015, as an exchange student, She went to the Kingston University to study in the art and design college in London. Now, she lives and works in Shenzhen.

As a visual artist, Lijie combines the reality of the image with the thinking of the moment. She uses of animal, plant, dreams and symbols to badly mutilated thinking affair, creating a suspended moment through the image. Moreover, She has long been concerned about the place that is enveloped throughout in smog in social life, thinking about the subsidiary that unable separates from the whole fast growing and masculine society.

The exhibition she participated in included: The Direction of The Future Video Art / From The Past to The Anticipation, Hangzhou; Contemporary Photography in Zhejiang, Cipa Gallery, Beijing; Reciprocal Enlightenment, CAFA museum, Beijing; New China / New Art: contemporary video from Shanghai and Hangzhou, Nottingham University, United Kingdom.

Her video The World got the Best Creative Award (drama) in Global Chinese University Student Film in 2012. Her short film Haussmann in the Tropics has been collected by the White Rabbit Gallery in 2017. Untitled body has been published by the Zhejiang Press on“ Contemporary Photography in Zhejiang: Endless exploring and creating ”. As Production Designer, she worked in the VR film “ Invisible Hand ” with German artist and director Omer Fast.



谭荔洁 1991 年生于深圳,于 2010 年至 2017 年就读于中国美术学院跨媒体艺 术学院,获得艺术硕士学位。2015 年作为交换生赴伦敦金士顿大学艺术与设计 学院学习。现生活工作于深圳。

作为视觉艺术家,谭荔洁以其独特的视角将影像的现实和对当下的思考结合,运用动物、植物、梦境、符号来血肉模糊的思考事情,通过影像创造一段悬置的时刻。她长期关注这个社会生活中终年被雾笼罩的地方,思考整个高速发展的阳性 社会中无法割裂的附属,制造出迷离、奇幻的视觉体验和交织着梦与现实的异想故事,令人宛若坠入热带雨林的潮湿气味中。

近期展览包括:2018 韩中美术交流展,韩国光州毅斋美术馆,中德实验影像交流展,德国卡塞尔格林兄弟博物馆(2018)、中国美术学院跨媒体艺术学院与卡塞尔大学艺术学院实验影像展,中国美术学院美术馆(2018)、“举重若轻”艺 术电影展第十三季,深圳华侨城创意文化园(2017)、第三届学院实验艺术文献 展,北京中央美术学院(2017)、新中国/新艺术:沪杭两地当代影像展,英国 诺丁汉大学(2015)等。

她入围了 2018 年华语青年艺术奖;31 分钟的短片《热带地区的奥斯曼》入围德 国汉诺威 Up and Coming 电影节国际竞赛单元并被澳大利亚白兔美术馆收藏;影像作品《世界》曾获香港第十届大学生电影节“最佳创意奖(剧情)”;摄影作品 《未命名的身体》等被浙江摄影出版社出版《浙江新摄影: 无尽的勘探和命名》; 2018 年,她作为美术指导参与德国艺术家奥马法斯特 ( Omer Fast) 的 VR 短片 《看不见的手》 ( Invisible Hands) 。




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