Garden Memory




lacquer, film photography, digital photos, baby diaper


The image records the two-month life of painting and painting together with the residents of four different backgrounds in the Qi Yuan of Beifeng Mountain in Fuzhou. In two months, the mountains ranged from hot, humid summers to dry, cold autumns. Teacher Tang worked day and night in the Qi Yuan, and the two gradually awakened each other. A few of us didn't understand the paint at first, and we had all the allergies that we had unforgettable. We had a joke that only a few of us could understand, and even dreamed of being out of the way, and waking up in the process of smashing the cloth. It is like a documentary film cut frame, showing the kindness, labor and thinking that have been obtained from the Qi Yuan in these two months.

While using a baby diaper to filter lacquer pigments, it leaves a random pattern on the cloth. As a material that has been used and discarded, it has become an important part of this handmade book.






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